Pallet Design Services

Pallets are used in more applications than can be imagined and each of those applications has specific challenges. Our team of pallet experts will work with you to design a pallet that meets all of your needs. We utilize specialized engineering software to optimize pallet performance to meet various stacking and racking requirements.

Whether our customer’s challenge is improving safety, decreasing product damage, enhancing quality or finding ways to reduce pallet expense you can count on our design team to find a solution.

Customer owned pallet pool repair program

With our assistance many of our customers have developed in-house custom pallets that are exclusively used by them. We have helped these companies establish these pallet “pools” and then we handle the repair and maintenance of their pallet pools to ensure they get the most cost effective use of the pallet. It’s an idea that we don’t recommend for everyone but when it does work it’s very cost effective.