New Wooden Shipping Pallets

API Pallet Incorporated strives to offer the best value when making a decision to purchase new pallets for your company.  We work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure we have a secure and reliable lumber supply sourced from companies that have environmentally sound business practices in their respective industries.

Whenever possible we are working with suppliers who adhere to the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

Our diverse product line enables us to provide pallets built using various types of wood species. 

Spruce, Pine and Fir (SPF low density softwoods) is typically used for our IPPC ISPM-15 heat treated pallets and in other applications where low moisture content, heat treatment for sanitization purposes and pallet weight is important.

Poplar and Aspen (medium density woods) are popular choices when the dimensions of the required pallet cannot be met by standard available SPF sizes. These species typically have higher moisture content and are not recommended for use where mould could be a problem.

Birch, Tamarack and Oak (high density hardwoods) are typically used in heavy duty or multiple re-use applications.

We manufacture just about any size pallet you can imagine built using various wood species.