Recycled Pallets

We stock a huge inventory of recycled pallets that have been reworked and repaired for immediate delivery. Sizes vary but include:

  • 40x48 4way
  • 40x48 2way
  • 40x48 Block
  • 48x40
  • 42x48
  • 36x36
  • 40x40
  • 44x44
  • 48x48
  • 44x36
  • 35-1/2 x 46-1/2


Here is a more in depth description of some of our most commonly requested pallet types, we stock so many styles and sizes that it is not practical to list them all here so please contact us if you require further information on a specific pallet type.

48x40 4way Pallet

Often referred to as a Grocery, GMA or 40x48 4way pallet this is the most widely used pallet size in North America. We stock various grades of this recycled pallets, our most popular grades being:


A / #1 Grade







These pallets are in excellent condition and are often hard to distinguish from a new pallet. All three original stringers are fully intact, all leading edge boards (top and bottom) are 6” wide and the spacing between the top boards does not exceed 4”

B1 Grade







These pallets contain only 1 double or companion stringer repair per pallet. Leading edge boards may be 4” or 6” in width.

B / #2 Grade







These pallets contain 1 or more double stringer repairs per pallet and the leading edge boards are various widths. Visually not the most appealing looking pallet they are still capable of performing well under normal usage. This is our most economical and most popular pallet.

Block Pallet








These pallets are in excellent condition and often rival the quality of a brand new pallet.

Euro Pallet








European pallets 1200mm x 800mm (47-1/4" x 31-1/2") which were manufactured in Europe according to UIC 435-2 standards. Looking along the squared ends of the pallet, it is possible to see one EUR mark on the right load-bearing block. Built to meet IPPC-ISPM 15 regulations if your shipment is headed for Europe this is the pallet to use.

Chipboard / Presswood Pallets








Manufactured using wood waste, these pallets can be an economical choice, but their use is often limited to light weight applications that don't involve exposure to moisture or rough handling techniques. Work with us to ensure these are a viable option before proceeding.