Pallet & Wood Recycling Services

API Pallet Incorporated is proud of our environmental stewardship and the cornerstone of this commitment is to ensure that no reusable wood waste is sent to landfill. We focus on the best methods in the industry to repair, recycle, renew and re-use wooden pallets and various other forms of wood waste. As a result we have developed a sophisticated system that enables us to re-use almost 100% of the wood products we bring into our facility. This is not an easy accomplishment as each pallet is different and they often require intensive work to make them reusable in some way shape or form. In order to accomplish this we have a multistage sortation process that all pallets pass through.

Our goal when we receive a pallet for recycling is to refurbish it for re-use in the marketplace – the best and most environmentally friendly method we have. If this is not possible we attempt to recycle the pallet by re-using some of it’s components to build other products.

Any remaining wood pieces or components that cannot be-reused in our manufacturing process are sent to our grinding operation where they become:

  • Enviro-Mulch our colored wood mulch landscaping product                
  • Boiler fuel for biomass heating systems
  • Animal bedding
  • Compost materials
  • Fibre for use in manufacturing wood pellets for heating stoves

Even the scrap nails and misc. metal that is separated and collected during the grinding process is sent to a metal recycling facility where it is re-used to make new products.

API Pallet Incorporated has a long history of environmental responsibility and we are committed to helping our customers be as environmentally responsible as possible.